Now YOU can make Santa dance

7 12 2006

I found this stumbling upon a message board I frequently visit. It is really neat.
You can ask it to do almost anything and Santa will do it….Enjoy!!
Happy Holidays!


5 12 2006

I have been a member of OneTrueMedia for a while now. I have been creating a video montage of my baby girl from birth until now. My husband and I thought it was a great idea to get copies of the montages for my parents and his parents for Christmas gifts.
I am sooo thrilled with them. They are awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone!!!
I place my order last Thursday. My order shipped Friday and I received it yesterday. I came home from work and was like WOW! Super quick!

I opened up the box and there were 2 beautiful DVDs of our little girl. I stuck the DVD in the player and watched this montage that I created. I got teary eyed and it was so beautiful. They did such a great job.

What a great gift for our parents. We live 500 miles away and they don’t get to see our new baby that much so I thought this would be a great gift.

Has anyone ever ordered from How was your experience with them? I would love to hear about it!!! Share your experiences and thoughts!!

Thanks for reading.

Buy Nothing Day

22 11 2006

I found this article a little interesting….

THE ULTIMATE REFUND: On November 24th and 25th — the busiest days in the American retail calendar and the unofficial start of the international Christmas-shopping season — thousands of activists and concerned citizens in 65 countries will take a 24-hour consumer detox as part of the 14th annual Buy Nothing Day, a global phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada.

Full story click here

Need resources?

7 11 2006

Are you looking for a local playgroup or just somewhere to take your family for a day trip?

Here is a link where you can find local things to do in your area…

Children Learn what they live

6 11 2006

I have a cookbook and I found a sweet poem in it……I want to share it with all of you….

Children learn what they live

If children live with criticism,
they learn to condemn.

If children live with hostility,
they learn to fight.

If children live with ridicule,
they learn to be shy.

If children live with shame,
they learn to feel guilty.

If children live with tolerance,
they learn to be patient.

If children live with encouragement,
they learn confidence.

If children live with praise,
they learn to appreciate.

If children live with fairness,
they learn justice.

If children live with security,
they learn to have faith.

If children live with approval,
they learn to like themselves.

If children live with acceptance and friendship,
they learn to find love in the world.

This poem was written by Dorothy Law Nolte

What’s your mothering Style?

5 11 2006

Here is another fun little quiz….Enjoy!!

My results:

Your answers correspond to types: 1 and 3

1- You’re the type of mom that enjoys order and routine. You have clear expectations for your children and most likely your children understand the parameters which you’ve laid out. Logic, fairness, responsibility, and objectivity are important to you and you strive to teach your kids these traits.

Pro: You are The Enforcer Mom and enjoy parenting your children with a firm but caring style. As a result, your children both love and respect you.

Con: Be careful to not alienate your child with too many rules or to quell creativity with too tight of a schedule. Balance affection and discipline may be hard for Enforcer Moms.

3- As The Carefree Diplomat Mom, you’re able to act as mediator as well as be creative and interactive with your children. Chances are you encourage child-led activities, but aren’t averse to jumping in and playing, too.

Pro: You’re fair and just and will use discipline when needed, but encourage your child to work things out on her own.

Con: Be sure to assert yourself as the adult. Creative Diplomat Moms may forget to separate themselves from their children, creating confusion as to just who’s in charge.

Life List- What things you would like to do or have before you die

4 11 2006

Wow….There are so many thing I would like to do and so many places I want to see. Here is my list of things I would like to do before I die.

1. Go to Puerto Rico
2. Go to California
3. See my grandchildren have kids
4. See my children grow up and see them settle down.
5. Have a Jeep Wrangler or a sports car.
6. Get pregnant agin.
7. Have a bigger house.
8. Meet John Travolta and Al Pacino
9. Have no debt
10. Make sure my kids do not have any debt and are financially taken care of.

There are a ton more but I cannot seem to think. I am still a little tired. I would love to hear some thing you would like to do, places you would want to see, and things you would want. I know that this may be a controversial subject, but death is a part of life and we have to deal with it. I look forward to hearing your comments!!