Fast food in children’s hospitals a bad lesson

7 12 2006

A very interesting article worth reading…

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Fast food outlets are common inside U.S. children’s hospitals, leading more patients to consume hamburgers and fries and encouraging them to view the fare as healthier than it probably is, a study said on Monday.

Of 200 hospitals with pediatric residency programs surveyed, 59 had fast-food restaurants on site, said the report published in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

More than half the patients or family members visiting hospitals with fast food outlets said they ate fast food the day they were surveyed, which was four times the rate among people at hospitals without outlets, the survey of 386 people found.

McDonald’s, which does provide financial support to some of the hospitals surveyed and operates several homes for ill children, was the prevalent restaurant in hospitals studied.

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Top 4 reasons kids miss school

10 11 2006

Have you ever wondered why kids miss school so much? Find out here the top 4 reasons why kids miss school due to illness.

1. Colds

2. The Stomache Flu

3. Pink Eye

4. Strep Throat

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Daycare vs’ Home daycare

19 09 2006

I have a little debate to share….What do you prefer and why? A regular daycare or a home-based daycare? I am just concerned because I had a bad experience with a home-based daycare. They are shut down now, thanks goodness, and I am leary about leaving my kids with anyone…..Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this. 

Do you have a story or news to share?

18 09 2006

I would love to hear your TTC story…or any other story you might have to share. Whether it is about pregnancy, being a mom, a teacher, a grand-parent, a dad, or a sibling. ALL stories are welcome….

I will be posting my birth story of my beautiful 5 month old baby girl soon. I also will post my other 2 childrens birth stories as well. I will also be sharing what it was like growing up with an autistic brother.

Cannot wait to hear from you!