Buy Nothing Day

22 11 2006

I found this article a little interesting….

THE ULTIMATE REFUND: On November 24th and 25th — the busiest days in the American retail calendar and the unofficial start of the international Christmas-shopping season — thousands of activists and concerned citizens in 65 countries will take a 24-hour consumer detox as part of the 14th annual Buy Nothing Day, a global phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada.

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‘Super Mom’ recovering after rescuing children

20 11 2006

I know it’s been a few days since I posted anything, but here is a story about a very brave woman. I would have done the soame thing. My children are my life! I live and breat for them..

NEW YORK – A woman was recovering Saturday from skin graft surgery for burns she suffered when she rescued her 4-week-old twin sons and two other children from a fire in their apartment, then went back to save a fifth child.

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Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding

15 11 2006

BURLINGTON, Vt. – A woman who claims she was kicked off an airplane because she was breast-feeding her baby has filed a complaint against two airlines, her attorney said.

When is it a crime to feed your child? Bottle or breast…it doesn’t matter. A mother should be able to feed her child no matter the age or whether or not she breast or bottle feeds. Shame on Delta Airlines! If I fly in the future, I surely will not be flying Delta…I am a mother who breast-fed all her children. I am currently nursing my 7 month old daughter. If anyone ever told me that I couldn’t nurse my baby, they would be getting an earful. The will be no way that I would accept a blanket that has been tossed back and forth from passenger to passenger to cover my child. Gross….Hello….GERMS!!! Not to mention that when you put a blanket over your baby’s head to nurse, it gets pretty hot. Would you like to eat with a blanket over your head? I don’t think so.

Anyways, the link to the article is below. Feel free to comment. I would love to hear all sides. No foul language please.

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Acetaminophen gets recalled

10 11 2006

The Food and Drug Administration said at least two chains — CVS Corp. and SuperValu Inc. — started pulling the pills from store shelves Thursday.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or illness. The contaminated pills included metal fragments ranging in size from “microdots” to portions of wire one-third of an inch long, the FDA said. The FDA could not describe further the type of metal.

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‘Big Breastfeed’ demo

26 10 2006

One hundred young mothers gathered to breastfeed their babies in central Paris afternoon to campaign against the taboo on nursing in public.

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Melissa Etheridge welcomes Twins

22 10 2006

Melissa Etheridge and her partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, are the new parents of twins. Tammy gave birth to a boy and girl Tuesday, son Miller Steven and daughter Johnnie Rose.

Melissa & Tammy welcome twins!!

Congrats to them!!!

You can read more of their story here

Consumer Reports – Eyeglasses

21 10 2006

Ok…I have to post this article. I seen this on the news last night and thought it was worth the post. I have been working in the optical industry for 10 years now. Right now, I make the erywear or the lenses that go in it….I know that even though I do not work for Lenscrafters, making a pair of glasses in less than an hour is not impossible. In fact, I can make you a pair of glasses in 35 minutes….Most people think that it really takes an hour or longer to actually make a pair of glasses….Not true! If you have a regular single vision prescription with no bifocal then the glasses can be done in about 10-15 minutes (depending on how backed up the lab is). Now a pair of glasses containing a bifocal (lined or progressive) has to be surfaced (prescription put in the lens by lens generator) usually takes about 30-45 minutes, again based on a lab that is not slammed with jobs…. I know Lenscrafters marks up their stock, just like all optical chains do, but come on…..They are a rip-off…. The article from Consumer Reports is below….

Eyeglass Article