Halloween History

31 10 2006

Happy Halloween!!
I just wanted to list some fun facts about Halloween…Have a great day, stay safe and have fun!

Halloween’s roots can be traced back to Celtic culture in Ireland. According to their “Druid” religion, November 1st was New Years’ on their calendar. The celebration would begin on October 31st ,and last into the following day. The spirits of all who died in the prior year, would rise up and roam the earth on this night.

This is an evil night when spirits roamed the streets and villages. Lord Samhain, the lord of Darkness, would arrive in search of the spirits to take them to the underworld.

Halloween as it is currently celebrated with costumes, trick or treat, and superstitions, takes from this Druid Holiday.

Halloween was commonly referred to as “All Hollows” Eve. It originated from the pagan holiday honoring the dead. The Roman Catholic Church created All Saints Day (also called Hallomas) on November 1st to honor Saints and All Souls Day on November 2and to honor and pray for the souls of the dead. These holidays were created by the church, in part to downplay the pagan holidays. Needless to say, it did not succeed. Halloween as we know it today, has grown from the ancient Druid Holiday. Along the way both fun, frights, and Satanic twists have been added to the mix.

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What NOT to give out on Halloween

29 10 2006

I found this great article on Slashfood .
When you think of Halloween, you think of scary costumes and tons of goodies. Kids don’t want to see apples or rasins in their bag or do they? My kids sure don’t.

Eager trick or treaters look forward to participating in the ritual every year and we wouldn’t want to disappoint them. The worst “treats” include:

Apples — They’re tasty, but they’re not candy. They’re “disappointing as hell for a little kid expecting a Snickers.”

Marshmallows — Yes, they’re candy, but they don’t usually come individually wrapped — a must for Halloween treats.

A bag of pennies — “It’s like giving away a gift certificate for a piece of gum.” Save up all those pennies and buy a bag of the real thing.

Smarties — The U.S. Smarties are chalky and kids don’t even seem to enjoy them, despite the fact that they sometimes eat them on the grounds that they still constitute candy. Try to get U.K. Smarties (similar to M&M’s) or avoid the candy mixes that include these.

Anything homemade — “This one is alright if you only give them to kids with neglectful parents.” Any responsible parent is going to dump something unwrapped as fast as possible. Save your energy.

Raisins — “People generally give them out under the pretense that they want to make kids healthier. In reality, they give them out because they hate fun.” The boxed raisins never taste all that fresh anyway.

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Halloween is drawing near

21 10 2006

So what will your little one be this year? Want to find out the must-have costumes? The link is below. I personally, do not see the need to go and spend $40 on a costume they are going to wear only once. Go to place like the Goodwill store and your local thrift stores to find a bargain. That’s what I did this year and plan on doing every year. I love bargain shopping!!

Must-Have Costumes 2006