Developmental Milestones

29 09 2006

Wonder what your baby is supose to be doing? Curious to find out when your baby should be crawling/walking or teething? Find out by using this link below….


Is your baby teething? Find out here…..

29 09 2006

When a baby begins teething, there is no set pattern on when it will begin, how long it will take and how painful it will be.  For one baby cutting a tooth might happen overnight without pain, while another child might have to go through a long, drawn out and painful experience.  You may sometimes visibly see a rise or lump in the gum for several weeks, while sometimes there may be no visible clue at all until the tooth actually appears. The process of teething often follows hereditary patterns, so if the mother and father teethed early or late, your baby may follow the same pattern.  On average the first tooth comes in during the seventh month, although it can arrive as early as three months, as late as a year, or in rare cases even earlier or later.

Which teeth come in first and how many with there be. In total there are twenty primary (first) teeth, which is twelve less than the full set of thirty-two permanent teeth adults have.  Most children have a full set of primary teeth by the time they are around two or three years old.  These teeth usually last until about the age of six, when the teeth that were first to appear become loose and fall out as the second teeth begin to push through the gums.  The primary teeth continue falling out until roughly the age of twelve.  Again, these ages mentioned above are only averages and your child may follow an earlier or later pattern.  The following is the most common pattern in which your baby’s teeth will usually appear.


Parent Administers Life-Saving Drug Test

28 09 2006

While both employers and schools have done it for years, more and more parents are now are getting involved.  In some cases, it’s made all the difference.  At 14, Ben Peterson was playing football and getting good grades.  When he started withdrawing from his family, his father took notice.  Ben had been smoking marijuana almost every day and had even moved on to cocaine.  His father, who had no clue what was happening, typed in his son’s symptoms on the internet and said everything he saw, pointed to drug abuse, so he ordered a home drug testing kit on line.

Ben’s father administered the test and he failed badly.  His father said at the time of the test, there was enough cocaine in Ben’s body to kill him.  His dad took swift action and put his son on 30-day lockdown.  It worked, Ben, now 16, got clean and he still is.

Some of his classmates are subject to random drug testing at school.  A 2002 Supreme Court ruling allowed public schools to drug test kids involved in extracurricular activities.  At Ben’s high school that means about half the student body is tested every year.

Reaction among parents over testing has been mixed and the ACLU is staunchly against it.  Dan Viets with the ACLU said, “It’s a degrading and humiliating procedure for someone who has done nothing to even suggest that they have broken the law.”  

For the Petersons, doing their own home drug testing was a life saver.  Mike, Ben’s father, said, “We won, that’s all I can say.  We’re winning; we’re still continuing to win.  I don’t foresee Ben will ever slip up, but if he ever does, I’m going to catch it, and we’re going to deal with it. This boy is going to be a success.”   
Don’t be afraid to test your kids, said Mike Peterson.  The benefit is that you’re able to confront the problem in the privacy of your own home without the stigma.

IBM Recalls Laptop Batteries

28 09 2006

A consumer alert has been issued Thursday. IBM Corporation is recalling laptop batteries made by Sony because of a fire hazard. IBM and batteries’ distributor, Lenovo Inc, are recalling the lithium-ion batteries used in ThinkPad notebook computers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the batteries could overheat.  In August, Dell and Apple recalled a combined six million batteries for the same concern.  Consumers should stop using the batteries and contact Lenovo to receive a replacement.

5-Year-Old in Coma After Dental Visit

26 09 2006

Diamond Brownridge, a 5-year-old Chicago girl remained in a coma this morning after she was sedated during a visit to the dentist and never woke up. She is now in critical condition at Children’s Memorial hospital and not expected to survive.   A few things don’t add up.  First, why would any dentist put such a young child under sedation?  Especially when it’s to work on a couple cavities.  Where was the specialist to administer the drugs?  Why wasn’t the mother allowed to stay in the room?  The incident started about 8 a.m. Saturday when Travis brought her daughter to the Little Angel Dental office, a storefront dental clinic in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. The girl had complained of tooth pain. A dentist discovered a couple of cavities and also determined the child should get caps on her lower front teeth.

To prepare her for the procedure, Diamond was given an oral sedative, followed by an intravenous sedative and nitrous oxide gas, Travis said. The mother said she was told to leave the room during treatment. (ABSOLUTELY NOT)

Travis returned a half-hour later, paid the bill for the office visit and found her daughter lying on her side in a chair. The child was not breathing.

“When I reached to get my daughter, I turned her around and immediately… her head went back, her eyes were in the back of her head, and she was just numb,” Travis told a news station.

Diamond had no pulse, and paramedics were unable to resuscitate her. She was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital and then transferred to Children’s Memorial.

Family members were stunned by the turn of events. They described Diamond as an outgoing and intelligent girl who had just started kindergarten.

“It’s very hard dealing with this right now because she was everything to me, my little princess, my little best friend,” the child’s father, Paris Brownridge, news reporters.

Travis, a medical assistant, said she would have been able to tell something was wrong.

“I feel if I would have stayed there, I would have known when her heart stopped,” the mother said. “I believe her heart probably stopped in the middle of the procedure, and they did not recognize it.”

The lesson for other parents, she said, is, “Whenever you go to take your daughter to the doctor, don’t leave the room. Regardless if they tell you to leave the room, do not leave the room.”

Club Penguin…Is it the new MySpace for kids?

25 09 2006

Has anyone checked out Club Penguin? Is it the new MySpace for kids? There are games and you can chat to meet friends. I do not think this is too safe for children chatting with people they do not know.

Plus, you have to pay a monthly subscription to be a member. Why pay to play games when there are tons of website to play for free like Yahooligans.

What makes this site (Club Penguin) so special? I would not let my kids join even if it was for free. With all the crazy, perverted people out there, there is no way my kids are chatting.

Google Offers Classics for Free

25 09 2006

A new feature of the search engine’s online book program makes out-of-copyright works available for downloading and printing.

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