Angie Conn dot Com

11 05 2007

I have a new site I am going to be using so I will be bleeding out this one. I will not delete it, but I will start to not use it anymore.

You can find all the information on the new site that is on here. I just transferred everything over.

The new site is

I am working on a new theme for Angie Conn dot Com. I could use all the suggestions I can get.

Thanks to everyone that visits and I will see you over at Angie Conn dot Com.




3 responses

5 08 2007

angie- thank you for the update. your current site is not bad by any means

5 08 2007

i wanna knw wht this Angie Conn dot Com all about . then only i can give u the suggetions

17 09 2007
Expecting Executive

Got here from a link on a BlogRush widget…guess I am going to have to follow you to the next site!?!?!

Helping Women Manage Life’s Details

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