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5 12 2006

I have been a member of OneTrueMedia for a while now. I have been creating a video montage of my baby girl from birth until now. My husband and I thought it was a great idea to get copies of the montages for my parents and his parents for Christmas gifts.
I am sooo thrilled with them. They are awesome and I highly recommend them to anyone!!!
I place my order last Thursday. My order shipped Friday and I received it yesterday. I came home from work and was like WOW! Super quick!

I opened up the box and there were 2 beautiful DVDs of our little girl. I stuck the DVD in the player and watched this montage that I created. I got teary eyed and it was so beautiful. They did such a great job.

What a great gift for our parents. We live 500 miles away and they don’t get to see our new baby that much so I thought this would be a great gift.

Has anyone ever ordered from How was your experience with them? I would love to hear about it!!! Share your experiences and thoughts!!

Thanks for reading.



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4 05 2007
Theresa C

I am a big fan of One True Media. I have made several montages, which are very simple and easy to create, and they just blow everyone away! And now OTM has hooked up with TiVo and its even better!

My not-very-technical parents, who live 400 miles away, have TiVo and have managed to learn how to operate it. (Yeah!) On my last visit, I hooked up a wireless network for them. ($40 and 20 mins work). My parents got a TiVo Season Pass to my channel, and now whenever I publish a OTM Montage, it shows up on their TV screen. They can see everything I publish without leaving the comfort of their armchairs!! It’s beautiful, I’m telling you. OTM and TiVo is a match made in heaven — and so simple my retired, elderly non-technical parents can enjoy it!

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