How Parents Can Choose the Proper Little League Coach for Their Child

22 11 2006

Another great article! Since I am a mom of an 8 year old boy who dreams of playing professional baseball when he’s older, I thought I would provide this link to a great article.

Before parents just sign their kids up for little league, they need to do some research on the coach. Little league could negatively or positively impact a son or daughter and most of the time the initial impact is made by the coach. Imagine your ten year old trying to stretch a single into a double and unfortunately they get thrown out. You would expect the child to receive encouragement from his coach for good hustle and aggressive behavior, but what if, they didn’t. What if, instead of congratulating the athlete for his or her efforts, the coach starts yelling and screaming at the ten year old for poor judgment. How can you as parents spot a good coach from a bad coach? Parents want their kids to have a great experience and learn that sports are meant to teach. So what are the characteristics in a coach that a parent should be looking for? Is it the team that always wins or the coach that plays everyone? Well, the real question should be: what coach will be best for my kid? Most professionals suggest that when looking for a coach you should look for one: that is going to be positive, that knows the limitations of little leaguers, that is going to educate their players about the game, that respects the athletes individuality and shows they care for them as a person, and one that will create an enjoyable experience for the kids.

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Remembering Corey Lidle – Yankees Pitcher

12 10 2006

On Wednesday, NY Yankees right – hand pitcher, Corey Lidle, lost his life while flying his plane with his flight instructor. He flew into a high rise building in NY. For all baseball fans, he will be missed. He is survived by his wife and son. Bless them and pray for them.

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Baseball Fans – We’re on our way to the World Series

9 10 2006

Are you a baseball fan?? My son is a huge baseball fan and it is pretty much what he lives for…The World Series is coming up and he cannot wait. Although he is a big Cubs fan, he likes other teams as well. Cardinals beat the Padres yesterday and move on to play the Mets in the NCLS….Who do you want to be playing the WS?

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