Story Worth Sharing

28 01 2007

Reading this broke my heart. I want to post this so the world can spread the word about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). I admire this woman for being such an amazing mother! Read the rest of this entry »

Donate Your Breast Milk

25 01 2007


I have always wondered that if I had an extra supply of breast milk, if I can donate it. You can and it’s easy to do..



What do you think about donating your breast milk if you have extra? Would you do it to help the Mothers who don’t? It sounds like a great idea…


Do you, for one reason or another, have more breast milk than your baby needs? Great. Donate it to babies who aren’t so lucky. From Time:


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Epidurals May Affect Breast Feeding

21 01 2007

I breast feed and have had 3 epi’s and I have never had a problem with breast feeding my children. I guess it happens in certain women.

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Do You Support The Spanking Ban?

21 01 2007

I don’t remember being spanked as a child, but I think that doesn’t mean I wasn’t spanked. With having an alcoholic father, I probably was but just blocked it out. Spanking comes in so many forms. Whether, it’s a smack on the hand or a swat on the tush.

Some people call it abuse. What do YOU call abuse?

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Consumer Reports Withdraws Infant Car Seat Report

19 01 2007

I guess Consumer Reports needs to look into how they do their reports from now on… Especially for the safety for our children.

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19 01 2007

My little girl, Jaymie, is entered in a baby photo contest. Would you please vote for her?

Isn’t she just a sweetheart? How could you not vote for her with those sweet little brown eyes.

All you have to do is go to and click on the “Photo contests” link. Enter her Entrant #41682 to vote for Jaymie.


I will appreciate it so much!

Angie 🙂


What Would You Do?

18 01 2007

I was reading this article and I thought to myself “what would I do?” I would definitely have to have more money and tons of patience…

It is hard to care for one baby let alone three. When I was pregnant with my daughter, everyone thought I was having twins because I was huge. I started showing at 3 months. When I had my first ultrasound done, I only saw one baby and boy was she beautiful. Yep. Just one baby.


Just imagine going into labor and come to find out after you deliver, there are 2 more babies to follow. Of course, I would be so thrilled and ecstatic about it, but I would definitely be shocked and scared at the same time.


So, my question is What would you do if you thought you were having a big baby and find out that there are actually 3 babies? I would love to hear what you think…