Babies found in freezer

8 12 2006

I was watching the news last night and came across something disturbing. There were 3 frozen babies found in a freezer. The woman who lived there just died right after Thanksgiving.

This story came out of Columbia. Tn.

The frozen bodies of three dead babies were found in a freezer Thursday in the apartment of a 35-year-old Columbia woman who died recently, according to the Columbia Police Department.

A family member of Tracy Howard found the bodies, some of which may be fetuses, when cleaning out Howard’s apartment. The age and cause of death of the babies is unknown.

Howard died on Nov. 28, and an initial autopsy suggests it was from natural causes.

An autopsy on the babies was scheduled for Thursday, though no results have been released.

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New SIDS information

2 11 2006

There is a new study linking sids to a brain deformity and not the way your child sleeps.

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) — In a small study with big implications, researchers found some of the strongest evidence yet that sudden infant death syndrome — a medical and sometimes legal mystery once known as crib death — may be caused by brain stem abnormalities.

The finding “takes the mystery away from SIDS,” said Marian Willinger, a SIDS researcher at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, which funded the study. “It should take the guilt away from any parent who has lost a baby because they always wonder, `What did I do wrong?’ Now, they need to really understand, `My baby had a disease.”‘

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CPR for infants and small children

24 10 2006

Here is a link that gives you instructions on how to give CPR to an infant or a small child. I thought this was something I must share, especially being a parent of 3 children….

CPR link

October is SIDS awareness month

20 10 2006

SIDS Awareness Pin

I, myself, never have lost a child, but I do know a few people that have. October is SIDS awareness month and this is an important issue that researchers and doctors do not know a lot about of. Please, make a ribbon and wear it proud. Show your concern and support for all the grieving families. My heart and blessing go out to all the families that have lost a baby to SIDS. If you would like the directions to make a SIDS awareness ribbon, just click on the picture above. Thank you!

Facts, Truths, and Beliefs on S.I.D.S – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

19 10 2006


Nationally the leading cause of death for babies between 1 month and 12 months of age (2-4 months is the biggest risk area)

SIDS is the cause of death for approximately 2, 500 babies per year

Nationally the highest number of deaths occur between 2-4 months; 91 % occur between 1 and 6 months.

More SIDS deaths occur in winter months than any other season (Nov-Mar)

More male babies die of SIDS

Unaccustomed tummy sleeping increases the risk by as much as 18-fold

Exact causes of SIDS are unknown, but it is not caused by immunizations, vomiting, or choking

SIDS is NOT the same as suffocation

Risk Factors:

Low birth weight (less than 5 pounds)

Premature (less than 37 weeks)

Maternal smoking during pregnancy

Multiple births (e.g. twins, triplets)

Maternal age younger than 18 years

Less than 18 months between births

Babies at risk for SIDS:

Babies who breathe secondhand smoke (2.5x greater risk)

Babies who sleep on their tummies (have 5x greater risk) {NOTE: Babies who can roll from tummy to back or back to tummy, they are okay to sleep on their tummies if they choose to. But always put baby on their BACK to sleep}

Babies put on their tummies to sleep who usually sleep on their backs as much as 18x greater risk)

Bed Sharing

Can be hazardous

No adults (parental or other) or children (siblings or other) should bed share with an infant

An adult bed is not made with infant safety in mind

** The safest place for a baby is to sleep alone in a safe sleep environment and position

A safe sleep environment or Crib:

No tears in mesh or fabric

No loose or missing slats (slats need to be 2 3/8″ or less apart)

No missing, protruding or loose screws, bolts, or hardware

No sharp edges, points, or rough wood surfaces

Corner posts or decorative knobs should be 1/16th inch or less ( so as not to catch on babies clothing)

No splits or cracks in plastic or wood

No soft bedding, comforters, pillows, bumper pads, wedges/positioning devices, toys and/or stuffed animals, loose blankets, etc..

An unsafe sleep environment includes:

Chairs, recliners, sofas, water beds, adult beds. This means do not place baby to sleep on a sofa with pillows around them as this may cause positional asphyxia.

Safe Sleep Environment:
Warmth Provisions:

Be a wearable blanket or sleep sack

* allows for a diaper to be changed without removing it

* moves with the infant without danger of entanglement
Infant Positional Asphyxia

Occurs usually in a sleep setting when an infant’s body position or an object prevents the child from breathing.

* Infant’s mouth and nose don’t have to be completely obstructed for suffocation to occur.

Common causes:

* Inappropriate sleep surfaces; not firm

* Entrapment of head; between slats

* Items in sleeping environment; bumper pads, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals.

Unintentional Infant Suffocation Chart

Using a Pacifier

* A pacifier can be used at naptime and bedtime during the first year

* Some preliminary research indicates pacifier used reduces the incidence of SIDS

* A pacifier should not be forced on babies who do not want it

* For nursing babies, pacifiers should be introduced after breastfeeding has been established.

Do you have a story or news to share?

18 09 2006

I would love to hear your TTC story…or any other story you might have to share. Whether it is about pregnancy, being a mom, a teacher, a grand-parent, a dad, or a sibling. ALL stories are welcome….

I will be posting my birth story of my beautiful 5 month old baby girl soon. I also will post my other 2 childrens birth stories as well. I will also be sharing what it was like growing up with an autistic brother.

Cannot wait to hear from you!



29 08 2006

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