What’s your mothering Style?

5 11 2006

Here is another fun little quiz….Enjoy!!

My results:

Your answers correspond to types: 1 and 3

1- You’re the type of mom that enjoys order and routine. You have clear expectations for your children and most likely your children understand the parameters which you’ve laid out. Logic, fairness, responsibility, and objectivity are important to you and you strive to teach your kids these traits.

Pro: You are The Enforcer Mom and enjoy parenting your children with a firm but caring style. As a result, your children both love and respect you.

Con: Be careful to not alienate your child with too many rules or to quell creativity with too tight of a schedule. Balance affection and discipline may be hard for Enforcer Moms.

3- As The Carefree Diplomat Mom, you’re able to act as mediator as well as be creative and interactive with your children. Chances are you encourage child-led activities, but aren’t averse to jumping in and playing, too.

Pro: You’re fair and just and will use discipline when needed, but encourage your child to work things out on her own.

Con: Be sure to assert yourself as the adult. Creative Diplomat Moms may forget to separate themselves from their children, creating confusion as to just who’s in charge.



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