Are there any dads out there?

19 09 2006

Come on dads…..we want to here from you. What do you like best about being a father, a husband? I would love for you to be a part of a parenting group and I am inviting you to join….There are so many dads that get bad raps and that needs to stop. So, lets start here….To talk about family life and such…..Just to express your feeling/thoughts about being a parent….I know parenting can be stressful and this is where you can get that all out…I truely look forward to hearing from all the dads out there….

Do you have a story or news to share?

18 09 2006

I would love to hear your TTC story…or any other story you might have to share. Whether it is about pregnancy, being a mom, a teacher, a grand-parent, a dad, or a sibling. ALL stories are welcome….

I will be posting my birth story of my beautiful 5 month old baby girl soon. I also will post my other 2 childrens birth stories as well. I will also be sharing what it was like growing up with an autistic brother.

Cannot wait to hear from you!



29 08 2006

I want to introduce myself. I am Angie and I am a proud parent of 3 beautiful children. I wanted to create this site so it gives parents a chance to express their thoughts and opinions, as well as give/receive advice. If you have any concerns, feel free to post them or you may contact me personally at