Breastfeeding Supplements: How to Wean Your Baby Off

9 12 2006

It has been 8 months and counting since I have been breastfeeding my daughter. I am very proud of myself for that! I continue to nurse her until she is a year or maybe a little longer. When it comes down to weaning, I hope the process is a smooth one. Here is an article I found about trying to wean formula out of the breastfeeding diet. I am not against formula in any way, but if you had to supplement, this is a good article to read.

If you have had significant breastfeeding problems — this can include difficulty getting the baby to latch or breastfeed effectively or severely sore nipples, as well as having a slow gaining baby or a baby that, when a preemie, was given bottles — you might find yourself in a situation where you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with bottles of expressed breast milk or formula. For many mothers, this falls short of their original goal to exclusively breastfeed in order to provide the optimum nutrition and immune system boost that direct breastfeeding affords. If you are currently providing breastfeeding supplements to your baby and would like to work toward your goal to breastfeed, it’s encouraging to know that it’s entirely possible to achieve.

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Doctors repair heart born outside baby’s body

24 11 2006

I found this article and wanted to share….

MIAMI, Florida (AP) — Using a piece of Gore-Tex fabric to make their repairs, doctors performed corrective surgery on a baby born with his heart outside his chest and said that the youngster should be able to lead a close-to-normal life.

Naseem Hasni underwent surgery to put his heart inside his chest hours after being delivered by Caesarean section Oct. 31 at Holtz Children’s Hospital.

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Should extreme preemies be saved?

16 11 2006

I thought of this article a little bit disturbing. If I was the parent of a preemie, I would do everything in my power to save his/her life. Unfortunately, life is tough and sometimes cut short, but I do not agree with destroying a life even if the doctors tell me it’s the right thing to do.

LONDON – Premature babies born before 22 weeks gestation should not be given intensive care treatment to keep them alive, according to a report released in Britain on Wednesday.

What are your thoughts about this? If you, as a parent, went into early labor and the doctors said that there is a small chance of your baby surviving and that they should not let him/her survive anymore suffering, what would you do or say? I would love to hear your input!


Today’s Free Finding – Baby Book

24 10 2006

I am going to be starting to post free findings that I find daily. If there is a free finding that you would like to share, please post it here. No spam please…The offers have to be truely legit….

Here is a free baby book offer….
I received my book about a month ago….It has a lot of great information…Just wanted to share today’s free finding….

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Melissa Etheridge welcomes Twins

22 10 2006

Melissa Etheridge and her partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, are the new parents of twins. Tammy gave birth to a boy and girl Tuesday, son Miller Steven and daughter Johnnie Rose.

Melissa & Tammy welcome twins!!

Congrats to them!!!

You can read more of their story here


30 08 2006

Here are the stats. What do you think?




Number of children adopted from foreign countries by U.S. families in the past 15 years


Number of children adopted from foreign countries by U.S. families last year


Number of children adopted from foreign countries by California families in 2003. Only New York had more.


Children living in Russian orphanages


Children living in Kazakh orphanages

13.2 million

Children orphaned because of AIDS in Africa. That number is expected to rise to 42 million by the year 2010.


Percentage of children with medical issues adopted from foreign countries by U.S. families


Percentage of those adoptive parents who had no idea their child had medical issues until he or she arrived


International adoption clinics in the United States


Cost of an international adoption versus the $4,000 to $30,000 for a domestic adoption


Number of U.S. children adopted by Canadians between 1993 and 2002

Sources: U.S. Department of State, National Adoption Clearinghouse of Information