Kids Will Break Things

5 05 2007

It is totally normal for kids to break things. Children are developing their hand and eye motor skills and that is one of the main reasons why they are clumsy. Most of the time kids don’t break things on purpose, they are just accident proned because they are in the process of fine tuning their hand and eye motor skills. We have a one year old baby girl and she is growing so fast and her mind is also expanding very fast. Babies are funny because their minds develop faster than their physical bodies can keep up. It takes many years for their bodies to catch up to their minds. It is so funny to see our baby grow and develop into a beautiful toddler.

Yesterday I was playing with my baby and I was holding her in my arms. She was having fun pulling and yanking on my hair. Quickly, without having any time to react, she grabbed my wrist watch and pulled it off my wrist, breaking the wrist band. Granted the watch I had was a Timex and wasn’t too expensive, but still this lead me to think, “If this happened to me, I am sure that it happens to other people”. And just because the watch I had was a cheap watch, there might be others who have an expensive watch that gets broke this way. Coming to realize this, I wanted to find out how someone could repair their watch if their watch band broke. I then found and decided to write a sponsored advertisement about them. They claim to be the global leader in replacement bands for high-end and luxury watches, featuring HIRSCH, StrapCulture and other premium brands. In stock: over 5,000 quality watch straps. Upon investigating the site, I discovered that this site offered really great deals on replacement Watch Bands.

Kids will break things, and being parents we have to accept this and be prepared for the worst! And the summary of this story is, if you want to keep your wrist watch from breaking, I would totally suggest removing it while playing with your baby!



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