I Love Free Game Downloads

5 05 2007

When I have free time I enjoy playing games online. I am pretty competitive in nature and enjoy playing card many different types of games online. Did you know that there are many places where you can download game software for free? I like to search the Internet and places that offer free software to play games. As a parent I sometimes have a little free time to kill, such as when our baby is taking a nap. Granted, I probably should be doing other things like cleaning the house or running a load of laundry. But you know how that goes… the work is never done!

One game I like to play is backgammon. Playing this game, to me, delivers a balance in strategy and luck (My two favorite elements in gaming). I found a great place to download backgammon software provided by BackgammonMasters.com. They have released their second installment of the BackgammonMasters’ Animation Series “Life According to Jean-Claude”. Jean-Claude may not know why or where the battle of Barbarossa was fought, but he can tell you that persistence is the key to winning any battle. Besides being an industry leader with their exceedingly large and frequent tournaments and prize promotions, BackgammonMasters.com has pulled out all the marketing stops and Jean-Claude is a key figure. The first installment of the series received a huge response as the BackgammonMasters rendered it interactive by offering prizes for answering trivia questions about the clip, making the next installments eagerly anticipated. If you enjoy playing backgammon, I would head over to BackgammonMasters.com and download their free software.

It’s hard for me to pass up free offers. It is especially hard for me to pass up free gaming software download offers! I have always enjoyed playing games and since the creation of the Internet and online games I have enjoyed playing them even more. My free time to do so is pretty limited though, but I guess that goes hand in hand with being a parent.



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