Understanding Growth Charts

22 02 2007

It’s that time to go for your child’s check up. They measure, weigh, and and tell you what percentage they are in. Do you really understand what it all means? Are you confused? Here is some great information about Understanding Growth Charts better….



What can my toddler’s growth chart tell me?

Your child’s growth chart can give you a general picture of how your toddler is developing physically. By comparing your child’s measurements — weight, length, and head circumference — to national averages for children of the same age and sex, and to measurements from previous checkups, the doctor can determine whether your toddler is following a healthy overall growth pattern.
Don’t get too hung up on your child’s percentiles, though. While the current growth charts (released in November 2000 and based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics, U.S. Public Health Service) are a vast improvement over earlier charts, they’re not the last word on how your child is doing. The most important thing is that your toddler is growing at a steady, appropriate rate, not that he’s hit some magic number.

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One response

12 03 2007

yea… my child doctor said about my son. He’s under average weight. and he’s sort of laughing it. But i took it seriously. For my boy is healthy as any other kids. in fact hyper active. so, i dont think there’s a problem there. problem of childcare yes. Hahaha.

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