What Would You Do?

18 01 2007

I was reading this article and I thought to myself “what would I do?” I would definitely have to have more money and tons of patience…

It is hard to care for one baby let alone three. When I was pregnant with my daughter, everyone thought I was having twins because I was huge. I started showing at 3 months. When I had my first ultrasound done, I only saw one baby and boy was she beautiful. Yep. Just one baby.


Just imagine going into labor and come to find out after you deliver, there are 2 more babies to follow. Of course, I would be so thrilled and ecstatic about it, but I would definitely be shocked and scared at the same time.


So, my question is What would you do if you thought you were having a big baby and find out that there are actually 3 babies? I would love to hear what you think…



2 responses

18 01 2007
Millennium Mommy

Wow, I had a hard time with one, imagine having three all in one shot! Three times everything(pampers, pooh,ect). Great posting, I’m always looking for good articles. I look forward to reading your blog.

22 01 2007

I’d pop them back in.

No, really you would do what any parent would do; give them names, (that would be fun; every family member could pick one) take them home look after them, love them and then in a few years down the track commit yourself to a phsyc ward.

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