Breastfeeding Supplements: How to Wean Your Baby Off

9 12 2006

It has been 8 months and counting since I have been breastfeeding my daughter. I am very proud of myself for that! I continue to nurse her until she is a year or maybe a little longer. When it comes down to weaning, I hope the process is a smooth one. Here is an article I found about trying to wean formula out of the breastfeeding diet. I am not against formula in any way, but if you had to supplement, this is a good article to read.

If you have had significant breastfeeding problems — this can include difficulty getting the baby to latch or breastfeed effectively or severely sore nipples, as well as having a slow gaining baby or a baby that, when a preemie, was given bottles — you might find yourself in a situation where you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with bottles of expressed breast milk or formula. For many mothers, this falls short of their original goal to exclusively breastfeed in order to provide the optimum nutrition and immune system boost that direct breastfeeding affords. If you are currently providing breastfeeding supplements to your baby and would like to work toward your goal to breastfeed, it’s encouraging to know that it’s entirely possible to achieve.

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10 12 2006

At 62yo, I’ve learned a lot about babies and raising them, including breast feeding; which is the healthiest way to go for the baby and creates a stronger bond between mother and child. However, the time does come, either of necessity or desire, to wean the baby to a bottle.

Cows milk and all other formulas are NOT good for babies; however and according to the Bible, the only milk ever designated for human consumption was and remains goat’s milk. Scientifically, it is the closest thing to mother’s milk in that it is extremely rich in antibodies and there is absolutely nothing in it to which a baby could be allergic.

All humans are allergic to cows milk, either seemingly mildly or severely. Nevertheless, cows milk causes muscous to form in the body; thus, we see a lot of children running around with runny noses.

To wean a breast baby, start out mixing 3/4 expressed milk with 1/4 goat’s milk: do this for about 2 weeks. Then, in the second set of two weeks, mix it half and half; third set of two weeks mix 1/4 expressed milk with 3/4 goat’s milk. And, finally, following the sixth week, give baby pure goat’s milk. Now days it can be found in quart containers in the grocery store’s refrigerated milk section or in cans by Meyenberger in the canned milk section or baby formula section of the store.

If you buy the canned goat’s milk, remember that it is extremely rich; so, start out by mixing one can of milk with 1.5 cans of water. In about a month, mix one can of milk with 1 can of water. The refrigerated goat’s milk can be used as it comes.

I breast fed my son, but my milk simply wasn’t rich enough for him; so, I put him on goat’s milk. He thrived and was never sick a day. When he was about a year old, I thought to put him on cows milk: he immediately threw up like a fire hydrant going off. So, I tried again in 6 months. This time he seemed okay with it (back then I didn’t know what I know today.) Anyway, a month later he was in the hospital, under an oxygen tent, with a severe asthma attack. Remember, he’d never been sick a day until then. Needless to say, I did put him back on goat’s milk and the asthma disappeared.

I hope this information helps a lot of new mothers and mothers whose children seem to be sick every winter, all winter. Get them off formulas and cows milk and see a huge difference in your doctor bills. They will be come nonexistent. 🙂

Much love in Christ,

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