Babies and the common cold

24 11 2006

Some more great information on your little one when they are sick…

Do you feel as if you’re constantly wiping your baby’s nose? Learn to recognize, treat and prevent the common cold.
Do you feel as if you’re constantly wiping your baby’s nose? You probably are! Most healthy babies have six colds or more before age 1.

Colds are upper respiratory tract infections caused by one of many viruses. Most colds last a week or two, but some linger even longer. Here’s how to recognize, treat and prevent these common infections.

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2 responses

16 12 2006

My 3 month old has a cold. His nose is dry and ive been using saline spray but nothing seems to help him. I even have a vaporizor near his crib. He snorts when he eats. Any other suggestions for us? He also has been coughing a little. Thanks Sylvia

17 12 2006


Thanks for your question. Sounds like your little one has a cold, but not to worry. All of those thing you are already doing are great. Have you tried to raise one side of his mattress so he is elevated? How about a bath with vapor bath wash? Those really help for me when my daughter is sick/stuffy. What else is good is that you can take your baby into the bathroom and run the shower on hot full blast and let the bathroom get steamy. Stay in their with your baby for 15 minutes to 30 minutes. The steam opens up the nasal passages. It works great! If all else fails, consult your baby’s doctor.

I am no longer working on this site because I have moved it to a different address. The new site is now I would love for you to visit there. Take care and good luck with your little one. Let me know how things turn out with his cold.


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