Woman kicked off plane for breast-feeding

15 11 2006

BURLINGTON, Vt. – A woman who claims she was kicked off an airplane because she was breast-feeding her baby has filed a complaint against two airlines, her attorney said.

When is it a crime to feed your child? Bottle or breast…it doesn’t matter. A mother should be able to feed her child no matter the age or whether or not she breast or bottle feeds. Shame on Delta Airlines! If I fly in the future, I surely will not be flying Delta…I am a mother who breast-fed all her children. I am currently nursing my 7 month old daughter. If anyone ever told me that I couldn’t nurse my baby, they would be getting an earful. The will be no way that I would accept a blanket that has been tossed back and forth from passenger to passenger to cover my child. Gross….Hello….GERMS!!! Not to mention that when you put a blanket over your baby’s head to nurse, it gets pretty hot. Would you like to eat with a blanket over your head? I don’t think so.

Anyways, the link to the article is below. Feel free to comment. I would love to hear all sides. No foul language please.

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15 11 2006

Why is everyone so uptight. It’s just a breast. It is not going to harm anyone. I promise.

16 11 2006


Thank you for commenting. It is nice to see that men are responding to this because in today’s society, a lot of men don’t look at breasts as nourishment for their child. I appreciate that a lot. I have added you to my blogroll. I hope to hear from you in future comments!

19 11 2006

I disagree 100% with the decision the employees of Delta Airlines made, and I hope the company comes out with an apology – and very soon. Please write to them or email them to let them know you disagree. Only puplic opinion can generate true and right changes. My wife breastfeeds and did so on a recent US Air flight to Europe. I’d rather fly Delta than US air for their level of service, but this will make me think twice (I am a frequent flyer…).

22 11 2006

Delta airlines made a huge mistake and owes this woman more than just an apology. It sents out the wrong message to future mothers who would want to breastfeed their children. Woman need to stand up for their rights. That’s why we live in a free world. I will never fly Delta, even if that’s the last flight available.

27 11 2006
Nursing Mom who likes Delta

Since the summer of 2005, I have flown on Delta Airlines for at least eight flights. I breast fed using a light-weight, poncho-like, personal blanket, during take-off, flight-time, and landing, and was not given any trouble by the flight crew or fellow passengers. It’s true that my son is more active now and quite squirmy when I use the blanket to breast-feed, but I have been able to juggle the blanket discreetly enough for him to drink during the change in altitude (for ear pressure equalization) and on other occasions. It is much more convenient to breastfeed than to pack, transport, cool, warm and clean bottles for a long trip! Plus, my son can be comforted by breastfeeding in almost any situation—which a plane-full of sleepy passengers and busy crew should appreciate… a bottle is not as effective or as efficient at comforting him as the breast, and he is past the pacifier stage… God’s design is simply the best.

The light-weight, angled, poncho-like, breastfeeding blanket I have has been one of the most helpful babycare items that I own. I’ve used it in restaurants, on planes, at dinner parties… anywhere discretion is appreciated. I found mine at a Gap outlet store for $5, but I don’t think that they carry them anymore. I found this one, which is not angled, on the internet: http://www.bellygifts.com/Busy-Baby-Wrap-Nursing-Cover-p/269.htm

I would be very disappointed and angry if the airlines created a policy against discreet breastfeeding during flights. I know that some babies, who are accustomed to breastfeeding, will not even accept bottles… which could make for a miserable flight for everyone on board!

24 01 2007

i think you should cover it up. why do mothers feel they can do anything they want …. just becuase they have a baby. booHOO! i shouldnt have to sit next to you with ur tit hanging out & your baby sucking away. i should think you’d want to be covered! up so the world doesn’t have to see your saggy boobs! just because you’re mothers…the world doesnt have to step aside for YOU!!!!

24 01 2007

and you dont want to use the airline blanket becuase of “germs’ then bring YOUR OWN! come on people!

25 01 2007

You have your right to your opinion and I respect that. You obviously are not a mother or else you wouldn’t feel the way you do. Unless, you are a mother and are just one of those negative people. I am sorry for you and if you ever become a mother, hopefully you will understand. In the meantime, be a little positive and cheer up. It’s just a breast. Grow up and get over it!

29 01 2007
Woman Wants

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