CPR for infants and small children

24 10 2006

Here is a link that gives you instructions on how to give CPR to an infant or a small child. I thought this was something I must share, especially being a parent of 3 children….

CPR link



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24 10 2006

You do a great service for all mothers, Angie. My last daughter died in my arms at home and, back then, we didn’t have 911. Frantically I attempted CPR but clearly did not know what I was doing; albeit, I would learn later that it would not have made a difference in Contrina’s case. However, by the time my oldest daughter was grown and pregnant with her first child, 911 was available as well as CPR training; so that was the first bit of advice I gave her: get CPR training and she’s been passing on that advice ever since, especially to her oldest daughter who just married and was pregnant. Unfortunately, she spontaneously aborted.

Thank you for posting this!

Love in Christ,
Truth Seekers and Speakers

25 10 2006


I am soo sorry for your loss and the loss of your older daughter’s baby. If the information I post could at least help someone, I will be truely thankful that I have posted it. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to hearing your comments in the future….


29 10 2006


Just stopped by your blog. I was just certified in CPR last week on the latest info.

All of that is correct except for Step 5. They are now telling everyone that 911 is the SECOND STEP of the process. No longer should you give CPR before calling 911. Now you are supposed to call 911 and then start CPR.

29 10 2006


Thank you so much for letting me know this. I appreciate it a bunch. Also, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.. Hope to see you here more ofter. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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