Separation Anxiety

23 10 2006

My daughter is 6 months old now and she is finally having separation anxiety. Mornings are hard because I have to nurse her, try to pump so she will have extra milk, get ready for work, and get my other child ready for school. All she wants is mommy and if she doesn’t have mommy she will cry. There has been a couple of days where I had to stay home from work or leave early from work due to her needing her mommy. Mind you, I worl 50 miles away so it’s not like I can be home in a few minutes. It takes me an hour without traffic.

So, what can I do is the question to let her know that mommy will be back and I am not leaving her forever? Daddy calms her down until my 14 year old daughter gets home from school and she seems to do well with my older daughter cause she is a girl and we look like twins….

If you are a parent of a young baby and are going through the same thing, I would like to hear what your techniques are….

Listed below is an article I found on
Separation Anxiety….



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