Consumer Reports – Eyeglasses

21 10 2006

Ok…I have to post this article. I seen this on the news last night and thought it was worth the post. I have been working in the optical industry for 10 years now. Right now, I make the erywear or the lenses that go in it….I know that even though I do not work for Lenscrafters, making a pair of glasses in less than an hour is not impossible. In fact, I can make you a pair of glasses in 35 minutes….Most people think that it really takes an hour or longer to actually make a pair of glasses….Not true! If you have a regular single vision prescription with no bifocal then the glasses can be done in about 10-15 minutes (depending on how backed up the lab is). Now a pair of glasses containing a bifocal (lined or progressive) has to be surfaced (prescription put in the lens by lens generator) usually takes about 30-45 minutes, again based on a lab that is not slammed with jobs…. I know Lenscrafters marks up their stock, just like all optical chains do, but come on…..They are a rip-off…. The article from Consumer Reports is below….

Eyeglass Article



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