Baby Sign Language

20 10 2006

I wanted to have my child learn baby sign language but I never got around to trying to teach her. Do you think there is still time to do so? She is 6 months old….Here is an article I found on baby sign language…….

Imagine if your 9-month-old could tell you that he needs his diaper changed, wants juice instead of milk, and that he is tired. By teaching your baby sign language, it’s possible to communicate months earlier than normal, helping to reduce frustration and develop a deeper bond with your baby.

Full article Here



3 responses

20 10 2006

It may help reduce your fruataration but………..(and this is only my opinion!)………..there is already so much pressure in life today to be the best/to do it first…..can’t we just let our babies be babies?!

20 10 2006

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to post a comment. Second, I agree with you 100%. It would be nice to have my baby know sign language, but (a big but) it is not nessesary. I agree….let babies be babies… Thanks again!!


25 06 2008

I have a great guide for all you first teacher moms! Accelerate your child’s reading and spelling ability before they reach preschool with BABY SIGN LANGUAGE. Find out how to teach your baby sign language and have fun learning with ’em. Just use my link for more info

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