Do you think you need a flu shot?

19 10 2006

Who needs to get vaccinated against the flu this year? Are you ready for Flu season?

So here’s a list of who needs to be vaccinated this year:

1. If you are 50 years old or older
2. Ages 6 months through 59 months
3. Ages 5 years and older having any of the following conditions which put them at high risk:
4. A chronic lung or heart disorder, including asthma
5. A chronic disease of the blood, kidney or immune system
6. Diabetes that has required hospitalization within the past year
7. A problem handling respiratory secretions
8. Pregnancy during the upcoming flu season
9. A child or teen receiving aspirin therapy
10. Anyone living in a nursing home or other chronic care facility
11. Anyone likely to transmit the virus to anyone who falls into one of the high risk groups above.

Of course, anyone who wants to protect themselves or their family can get vaccinated.
While you’re at your doctor’s office, you may want to ask if you need the pneumococcal vaccine as well. This vaccine helps protect against life threatening infection caused by Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria that most commonly manifests as meningitis, bacteremia, or pneumonia.
The vaccine is recommended at least once for all people 65 years and older and for people aged 2 to 6 who fall into the same high-risk categories that warrant the flu vaccine.



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19 10 2006

Personally, I would never and have never put a live virus into my body; and, at 62yo, I’ve never had any of the various flus and viruses, except once. The most potent rememdy is God’s natural herb Asafoetida: it is exceedingly powerful again what causes colds, flus, viruses, and strep throat. And, the nice thing about going with God’s remedies is that there are no side effects. 🙂

One time, years ago, I contacted strep throat; had it so bad that it even hurt to breathe through my nose. My naturopath gave me a straight dose of Asafoetida (liquid tincture, 1 to 2-oz bottle) and in 20 minutes the strep throat was gone and I’ve never had it since. If your local health food store doesn’t have it in a liquid tincture, ask them to order it for you.

If already sick, you can take a dropper full straight; then, a dropperful in 2-oz of grapefruit juice every few hours until well. The best strategy, however, is to do the latter at the slightest sign of a cold or whatever. I must admit, it tastes “like a skunk smells,” but we adapt to it very quickly. The taste will go away the instant you eat something, a cracker or anything.

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Love in Christ,
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19 10 2006

I should have mentioned that I have numerous health issues, including MS and Lupus; yet, because I take no meds, doing only herbal, unlike other patients who experience steady decline, I merely go through episodes. It was determined that both of those diseases had manifested themselves by the time I was 8yo. 🙂


19 10 2006

Hi Bonnie,
I would like to thank you for commenting. I will never get a flu shot myself. I have never had on so why should I start now? My daughter who is 6 months old has her check-up tomorrow and I am pretty sure they will want to give her the shot. I am still up in the air wether or not to let her get it. I never had the shot while I was pregnant with her and my doctor never metioned it to me so I was not concerned. Again, thank you for posting and visiting and I look forward to hearing from you again.

21 02 2007
Dr. Peterson

It makes me very angry that less educated people make statements like the one Bonnie did. Someone who has more faith in “magic” than science must be a Darwin nominee want-to-be. You should keep your medical comments to yourself, unless you have had formal training. It is painfully obvious you haven’t. You could cause serious health issues in someone or yourself. Bonnie sounds like a person that is in total denial.

17 03 2007
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