5-Year-Old in Coma After Dental Visit

26 09 2006

Diamond Brownridge, a 5-year-old Chicago girl remained in a coma this morning after she was sedated during a visit to the dentist and never woke up. She is now in critical condition at Children’s Memorial hospital and not expected to survive.   A few things don’t add up.  First, why would any dentist put such a young child under sedation?  Especially when it’s to work on a couple cavities.  Where was the specialist to administer the drugs?  Why wasn’t the mother allowed to stay in the room?  The incident started about 8 a.m. Saturday when Travis brought her daughter to the Little Angel Dental office, a storefront dental clinic in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. The girl had complained of tooth pain. A dentist discovered a couple of cavities and also determined the child should get caps on her lower front teeth.

To prepare her for the procedure, Diamond was given an oral sedative, followed by an intravenous sedative and nitrous oxide gas, Travis said. The mother said she was told to leave the room during treatment. (ABSOLUTELY NOT)

Travis returned a half-hour later, paid the bill for the office visit and found her daughter lying on her side in a chair. The child was not breathing.

“When I reached to get my daughter, I turned her around and immediately… her head went back, her eyes were in the back of her head, and she was just numb,” Travis told a news station.

Diamond had no pulse, and paramedics were unable to resuscitate her. She was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital and then transferred to Children’s Memorial.

Family members were stunned by the turn of events. They described Diamond as an outgoing and intelligent girl who had just started kindergarten.

“It’s very hard dealing with this right now because she was everything to me, my little princess, my little best friend,” the child’s father, Paris Brownridge, news reporters.

Travis, a medical assistant, said she would have been able to tell something was wrong.

“I feel if I would have stayed there, I would have known when her heart stopped,” the mother said. “I believe her heart probably stopped in the middle of the procedure, and they did not recognize it.”

The lesson for other parents, she said, is, “Whenever you go to take your daughter to the doctor, don’t leave the room. Regardless if they tell you to leave the room, do not leave the room.”



One response

3 11 2006

omg i feel so bad for you!! Im so touched by the story. I would have never thought of those crictumstances!! omg im so sadd!!!

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