Club Penguin…Is it the new MySpace for kids?

25 09 2006

Has anyone checked out Club Penguin? Is it the new MySpace for kids? There are games and you can chat to meet friends. I do not think this is too safe for children chatting with people they do not know.

Plus, you have to pay a monthly subscription to be a member. Why pay to play games when there are tons of website to play for free like Yahooligans.

What makes this site (Club Penguin) so special? I would not let my kids join even if it was for free. With all the crazy, perverted people out there, there is no way my kids are chatting.



One response

28 11 2006

Please stop leaving your Club Penguin membership detail on this site. This is for families and not for spamming. Your post will be deleted if there is unproper comments on here. Also, use correct grammar or that will be corrected as well!

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